In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lots of :)

It's Friday night and I am a happy girl. We are at the in laws house tonight, his parents not mine ;) Can I just say that I love being here! I know it's strange for most to love their in laws but I really do. I love love love just being with them. They actually aren't even here at the moment. They ran to a bday party for a friend and guess what? It was a dress up party. Gdad was Elvis (shocking, I know! :)) and Mimi was a cute 50's girl! They looked precious!

Here a snapshot of the world around me tonight...
Karoline is naked (ofcourse!) and walking around with two spatulas (aka spankers) and disciplining her sister, the dogs, her imaginary friends and everything she comes in contact with. Can you guess what we are dealing with in her life right now? :) It's ok, she is going to understand obedience! I believe! And until then, we shall WIN!

Klaire is half clothed and half eyeing the Backyardigans. I looked over a minute ago and she was on the kitchen table watching TV with Mimi's diet coke in hand. Love her. Klaire officially speaks an unknown language. We don't know what it is but we are confident that one day she will meet someone who will. Until then, we just sign. :)

Oh my, she just tackled Karoline for well no reason really. Sisters. Big K is now crying :) Little K looks guilty :)

Ryan and Jared are off putting Brandon's extra stuff in storage so Mimi can park in the garage and get out of the cold. Kalah is upstairs taking pictures of the geckos so they can sell the new ones on Ebay.

Karoline just bit Klaire because Klaire hit her never ends...Girl fights are vicious!! :)

We miss Brandon and Brigette. It's not the same!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Girls

Just posting some pictures for the family to catch up on...Miss you guys!

Pics from Karoline's Surgery

Still remembering...

Here's my sweet second born, Miss Klaire!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This morning at MOPS there were two sweet ladies beside me. Each one had just had their fourth child. They held those sweet babies, rocked, nursed, burped and loved on them. I miss that. I miss that age. I know I would probably not say that if I had one of my own again but still.

Just remembering Karoline at that sweet age.

I'll remember Klaire when J gets home. He has all her pictures on his laptop. :)

Cheers to baby fever...May it remain just a fever for now.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Boots

What a fun day today!

J, the girls and I went down to the fair today with J's parents. We indulged in Fletchers' Corny Dogs, funnel cakes, caramel apples w/ chocolate and nuts, chocolate dipped strawberries, fried ice cream and some other yummies. We saw the Backyard Circus, Auto Show, Childrens' Barnyard, Little Hands on the Farm, Dog Trick Show, Pirates of the Carribean Dive Show and even some local music acts on the lawn. We had a blast!! The girls did really well too. This shocked me a bit but in a good way. :) They were troopers through the mud, people and long lines.

Then, we ventured to the Grapevine Mills Mall to get the girls' some fall/winter shoes. Sadly, each girl has one pair of shoes that fit. They are growing like weeds! Plus, Klaire has a different size/shape/fatness foot so she can't wear Karoline's old shoes. Stink. Karoline found some super cute tall boots at Stride Rite Outlet. She loves them! We also have run into a dilemna with clothes. Big K wears a 2T but needs a 3T for length so she can't wear anything from last year and Klaire is still too little to fit in Big K's stuff from last year. Stink again.

We are praying for some sweet mimi, mema, and mamaw to help us out. :) They are the best!

We ended the day with some Chili's and a Great American cookie!

Thank you Columbus for another fabulous day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Jared is home. :)

Order has been restored.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remember When...

Going to Braum's to get milk took all of 10 mins. You just hop in the car, drive over, be-bop out, get the milk, check out, head home

Then, you had kids.

Going to Braum's to get milk takes 45 mins. You pack up, buckle in, forget your purse, get everyone out, get the purse, get everyone back in, drive to Braums, undo the carseats, carry one child while the other (hopefully!) walks beside you, Praise the Lord for automatic doors on the van and at Braum's, steer everyone over to the milk, catch the milk as big K pulls it out of the fridge, juggle milk/baby/purse/kid back to the checkout stand, put the small child down so you can get your wallet and pay, oh wait they are running out the automatic doors, re-evaluating the praise for the doors, run out to catch the girls, go back in and get the change, try to ignore the rude lady who didn't even try to help, put lil k back on the hip, grab big k's hand, load back up in the van, drive home while the ladies holler to drink the milk they just witnessed being purchased, get everyone back in the car, drive home and unload in the dark ( 2 kids, milk, purse, phone, old juice cups, Chick fil A trash from earlier, 2 dandys and a package of crackers big K couldn't leave behind), manuever through the messy garage and laundry room and we are home!

Here's to hoping Dad is home soon! I miss shopping alone :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drs. Appt

Today, the kids and I went to the doctor for lil K's well baby 18 month appt. Since it's Tuesday, I have Bear here too. (Bear is my sweet friend Melissa's son. He rocks!) All four of us loaded up and headed out. We got there about 11 minutes late but they had mercy on us and let us keep our appt. I was glad that there were very very few kids in the waiting area. Apparently, the are keeping everyone separate with all this flu going around.

Klaire is healthy and growing like a weed! Dr. Conoley always takes her time with us and it is greatly appreciated. We are now in the 25th % for height and weight. She is a bit smaller than Karoline was. We are going to take her to a developmental pediatrician just to make sure we are doing everything we can to catch her up developmentally.

Karoline got her flu shot first. It was so sad. I was holding her and she was talking to the nurse, Kelly, and then all of a sudden BAM there was the shot. It totally rocked her over! Then, Klaire got all five of hers. I had her arms and Kelly held her legs. What was strange was that Karoline had stopped crying by this point but when she saw Kelly pull out that first needle and poke Klaire, she lost it...I mean fell on the floor crying out over Klaire. This has never happened before. Sweet girls have developed such a compassion for one another.

6 suckers, 3 stickers, 6 shots, 25 dollars and 3 diapers later...We are home again!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Favs...

Super Cute Handmade Goodies

Scarf Making 101...Anthropologie style (Thanks Melissa!)

Perfect Personalized Gifts for Kiddos

Pattern for a cute dress

Some fun and simple hair clips for the girls

Fresh Jewerly

I have had so much fun being creative and artsy around the house. I'm finding that it's way more fun to attempt to make something cute for the girls than to just buy it.

The girls and I made some little blankets to keep in the car the other day like these. Big K tells everyone that "Mommy made this just for me!" and takes it everywhere. I can't believe that is means so much to her! It makes my heart smile!

Enjoy the sites!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The Billups have been not feeling up to par for a couple of months now. We have been in that weird circle of "not sick enough to stay home" but "too sick for school/nursery". Well, the Lord opened a door today for me to look into elderberries.

Any thoughts? Anyone used them before?

**After writing this, Klaire came over and stole Karoline drink AGAIN. She takes it, runs and just laughs in the wind. Well, under my breath I said, "Give it back you big bellied booger!" Her belly was bulging because we just ate. Karoline fell over laughing. How does she even know it was funny...Goodnight!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tides have changed...

This is the first year that J has gone on a mission trip and I have been at home...IT'S AMAZING! I have had no stress about his departure or the time he will be away. Usually, we would be bouncing between sitters and friends so that I could teach school. This year we have been so at peace. We dropped him off at the airport while A stayed with the girls, came home slept till 8a, got the girls up, gave baths, got dressed, made lunches, took girls to school, headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some fun stuff, grabbed some Panda Express, came home and watched tv while working on some hair clips for the girls, then went to pick up the girls, came home and now I am about to pack and head to the ladies retreat with my friends. A is so sweet to keep the girls for me tonight! Thanks A!

Anyways, just saying that life is so different when you priorities change. I think this is the first time in 3 years that my family has come before my job. Sad but true. I am loving every second of being home with the girls!

Right now big K is naked (surprised?) straddling the couch with a head full of "practice" clips from today's art extravaganza! Lil K is full clothed squatting in front of the tv watching Backyardigans. She hasn't blinked in awhile. Oh wait, there's a blink!

J will be home before I know it...can't wait to hear what God is going to do down there! They are building homes for the pastors of two villages. The pastors have been "commuting" if you will using canoes and such. These homes will allow the pastors to live in the village with their families...exciting stuff!

Well, A just got home, gotta run! More on the retreat later!!