In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Friday, July 18, 2008

Karoline Jewel Billups, 18 months

Klaire Grace Billups, 4 months


Mema and Karoline (Notice Karoline's new nose picking fetish!)

Papa and Karoline

Trying on Uncle Brandon's flip flop.

Ready to go!

Mema and Klaire

Grandad and Karoline

Daddy and his girls!

The Billups

Mema and Mimi watching the swimmers.

Just keep swimming!

My Birthday

Just a few things that made 24 a great year!

-Klaire was born!
-Karoline started walking, talking and singing!
-We bought our first house!
-Jesus has taught me how to release control and BELIEVE that He is God and He is GOOD!
-Completed my 2nd year of teaching Kindergarten
-Proudly watched my husband complete seminary. Way to go, Master Jared!


The kids swinging at the pond at the Thomas' house.

The girls and I having a post swim chat.

Karoline is helping Nick wake up on the right side of the blow up bed. He was SO glad too!!!

Uncle John showing Karoline some golfing techniques while we play at the pond.

Nick, Kaitlin and Karoline

The girls' blow up bed. Could you guess that we were everywhere in the house? So FUN!

Breakfast comes only big kid style at Mamaw's house!

Kaitlin's first Chicken Express meal EVER!


Karoline tried so hard to catch that crazy Waterpillar!

Karoline and Matthew playing in the water.

Kaitlin and Karoline

Nick and Karoline looking at the coy fish.

Cousin Matthew and Karoline watching Backyardigans before breakfast.

Karoline was taking a break in the driveway after swimming.

Mamaw Niven and the girls.

Klaire Grace

Karoline Jewel