In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Friday, November 27, 2009

Just a few items on my list of wishes...

This cookbook.

This do-it-yourself book.

These boots in this or that.

Too small but these are really cute.

This would be cute on my wrist.

Here's to wishing...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It took us about 20 minutes to get ready to go outside and play. But we made it. The kids have now been outside in the backyard for an hour and a half! I am sitting in the playroom watching them through the windows. I have heard nothing but joy for an hour and a half when usually they would be abusing one another by this point in the day. But no! They are so happy!!

Who knew the outdoors was so amazing!! Thanks Lord for a lovely day and for children who desire to embrace it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A million things to say...not much time.

1. Dr. went well...more tests are coming.
2. Dr. Dobson has a front row seat next to my Bible.
3. Painting is so not worth the pain.
4. Christmas decorations are up.

Peace out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Watch this.

Ketchup Anyone?

We are still here. The girls are growing fast and we are trying to keep up.

Excuse the randomness...Here's our life...

I am loving this site! It has great quick reference for scripture and helping your kids memorize it :) Thanks Lauren!

We have been playing the waiting game with the girls coughs and colds. We took big K a few weeks ago and ended up with an ear infection. All the symptoms kept growing and we ended up back at the dr this week. She was hysterical after her nap on Monday so we took her right away. She has an even nastier double ear infection. Poor thing. The dr. asked to look at lil K just to check and her ears were worse than big k. what?!? I guess one has a bit more tolerance for pain than the other. Sounds like J and I :)

J just left to go to the dr for a sore throat..well it's way past sore...he has the pain tolerance of a superhero, so this morning when we was wallowing, we knew something was up...we will find out by lunch what's up with him.

I'm headed to the doctor on Friday to have some tests run...pray for me not to be anxious...j is going with me

After much thought, good intentions and homemade ideas on our Halloween costumes, we ended up at Target at the last minute :) We took some baby hot dog costumes and took the hem out of the bottom. They were precious. J and I went as Texas Rangers baseball fans. I'll try to load pictures as soon as the Mac cooperates with the Canon. They are not agreeing at the moment.

Karoline just woke up and walked in the living room covered in PURPLE marker! What?!? What does she do in her sleep?

Lil K is making great progress with her therapist. We are really proud of her and pleased with what she's accomplishing. She can (no), da (dad), i di i (i did it), t-an tu (thank you), do(dog). She is actually sitting down and taking her turn while playing with us. Signing has become more frequent with her without prompting. Her problem solving is increasing too.

I have been making the girls hair clips out of felt for the fall/winter. The other day, I was experimenting with green and I cut out a tree. Big K came running over and said, "Mommy, hurry put it on a clip so I can wear it!" "I love Christmas trees!" She is so funny. She wants everything put on a clip these days!

Little fact: I have over 50 blogs that I read on a daily basis...or whenever ya'll update! I check them every morning and enjoy keeping up with you girls and guys after my time with the Lord. Ya'll are my portal to the outside world now that I live in Mommy Land :) I rarely comment because I read them through my bloglines and not actually through your site. Just FYI.
Keep writing friends. I'm reading and love hearing and seeing your sweet families!

Hope this catches you up a bit!