In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here's to you Jared!

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Billups
Here's to you...
for rubbing my swollen feet knowing that it doesn't help swelling
for putting icy hot on my back and then wiping it off an hour later
for changing diapers when I am eating ice cream on the couch
for bringing my anything my heart desires as I sit with Klaire at 3am
for knowing how to make the best darn sweet tea in the universe
for making sure that KJ always has her Dandy and juice
for playing guitar for the girls 
for sitting through Backyardigans for hours upon hours with no complaints
for helping me to know that it's ok to cry all the time 
for never judging my lazy moments
for my babies
for giving your all to me

I am honored to be with you on this journey...i am yours and you are mine! love you!

A few extra pictures...

sisterly love begins...
Karoline wanted to see Klaire so badly!
walking to school...
is she really this big...
I love it!

Karoline, 14 months

Could this be any sweeter of Daddy and daughter?
Pondering what to do next.
Women's National Team get ready...she's already training!
sweet girl and then...
photo session is over.

Labor, Delivery and Klaire Grace

You gotta love the hats in the hospital! 
Sweet feet.
Klaire Grace Billups

We went into Dr. Clark at 11 am on March 13 for a fluid check and sonogram. When we arrived, he was headed upstairs to perform an emergency c-section on a lady so we went to Chick fil A and returned in 35 minutes for our appt. Isn't that amazing that he can deliver a baby in less than 30 minutes? He did our sonogram and my fluid was at a 7 which allows us to have an induction. We went upstairs and checked into Labor and Delivery around 1 and started the cervix pill around 2pm.  Around 6 pm, we started the pitocin at a low level. The nurses expected Klaire to come around 3 am, so Jared and I were ready and ordered my epidural around midnight, expecting for my hard labor to begin soon after. NOPE! Dr. Clark ended up leaving my pitocin at that same level all night long! At 7 am, I was still at a 3 and completely defeated! The census between doctors and nurses was that if I didn't progress then we would need a c-section asap. I was so unhappy and totally distraught with myself. At this point, the nurses' shift changed and I got a wonderful woman who was not for me having a c-section. She told us that they really hadn't given my body a fair chance to go into hard labor because the pitocin was so low and my water had not yet been broken. Thank you Lord for her! She fought for me to have natural labor and not surgery! I am so grateful! Back to the epidural...we got the first epidural at 12am...yes, I said the first! For some weird reason, the numbness traveled up my body instead of down, paralyzing my chest and arms. I kept telling the nurses that I couldn't breathe and they continually told me that I was in labor and it was normal. Finally, I was gasping for air and they ran in my room like an emergency and checked my vitals and sure enough I could not breathe. The new doctor came in immediately removed the epidural and made a new one. This one went to my lower body and slowly made labor better but not much. My body was just determined for me to feel every moment of this child. As I was starting to push, I thought I was going to die, so I asked if I could please have another burst of epidural and I think I screamed loud enough that I got it asap! It didn't really kick in until Klaire was born and Dr. Clark began to stitch me up. Thank you Lord again, for numbness during any process that involves needles and me! When Karoline was born, I was so drugged up that I felt nada and afterwards I was so loopy that I couldn't even hold her on my own. With Klaire, I felt almost everything and it was amazing! Yes, much more painful! But BEAUTIFUL! Afterwards, I was so alert and already walking around! Klaire began crying before she was even out! All you could see were her eyes and we heard this sweet little cry! How beautiful and sacred is birth! I am so honored that the Lord would give us two sweet girls! My heart was set at peace to know that she was healthy with a good size, cry, heart beat and color! 
I was determined with Klaire to attempt to breastfeed so immediately after she came my mom and the nurse were latching her on. It worked!!!! I couldn't believe it! She did it! She actually nursed without everyone and their dog yanking my goods around! We are now on day 13 and still nursing away! I am thrilled! The first 7 days were filled with the "normal" pain and suffering but now it has subsided and we are functioning at full speed! Thanks a million to Melissa for recommending the soothies that are gel on one side and fabric on the other! They saved my life and gave Jared a good laugh! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All Glory to Jesus!

The Holy Spirit was totally with us, holding our hands and hearts through our 10 minute appt. yesterday! Thank you Jesus for being so faithful!
Here is the run down from the doctor...
-Klaire's body is measuring the correct measurements for her weeks but her abdomen is measuring 3 weeks behind.
-She is on the low end of normal but still in the normal range for birth.
-My fluid is ok, but not great.
-We have to continue to see the specialist twice a week and Dr. Clark once a week.
-Klaire will only be induced if my fluid is low, if there is a kink in the cord or she dips into the abnormal low range for birth weight.

Keep praying for her...
-to remain in the normal range of weight
-my fluid to remain

We go again on Friday at 2:30...I'll let you know!

Update on Karoline...
Jared took her yesterday to the doctor. Her meds for her double ear infection were not working so they gave her two antibiotic shots in her legs. They then gave her another breathing treatment so the doctor (This is our new doctor) could see how see responds to the treatments. The doctor said that since she had RSV as an infant (in October) it takes up to a year for your lungs to heal. Every time she gets a simple cold it takes over her lungs, makes them inflammed and they have to start the healing process over. She prescribed for us to give her the treatments daily for three months. Hopefully, this will give her lungs time to heal and also help to prevent her from getting asthma. Keep her lifted up too! She is physically much stronger now and much harder to hold down for the treatments. Please pray for her to relax and take them with ease.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayer Warriors Requested

*Back story...Friday we went for our normal appt at the OB and Dr. Clark noticed that Klaire's abdomen was not the size that was proportional to her body. He immediatly sent us upstairs to a specialist and he confirmed that Klaire's lower extremities were not growing with the rest of her body. He said that she was healthy but we may have to take her out this week or next. Between him talking, Karoline screaming, Jared running out to the car to get my insurance card...all I heard was "healthy" and "baby soon". The doctor said that I can't pick up Karoline or anything else. I am suppose to rest alot, eat alot of fruits and veggies, drink TONS of water and sit! This is really hard to do with a 13 month old! Jared has really stepped up and done it all! Pray for him too!

Today is the day for the specialist, appt. #2. We will be there at 3:30. My sweet mom and sister are in town to support us. My mom is going to the doctor with Jared and I today to help us ask all those questions that you just can't think of in the moment.

Please pray for us...I don't even know what to pray for exactly, but here we go...

1. Clarity of the baby's stomach size on the sonogram.

2. Vision and direction for the doctor to make a well informed decision about the timing and "way" of Klaire's birth. We are not opting for a C-Section unless necessary.

3. Clarity of the reasoning behind the size of her tummy and future issues.

4. Jesus would be glorified through Jared and I during the appt.

5. Clear communication between the doctors and us.

Anything else you can pray over us would be much appreciated. I have been doing fine since Friday, I thought. But, today I have just been a bundle of nerves, fears and this weird faith of knowing that Jesus has already set me free from this fear, but still having confusion and the shakes. I am just so ready to hold baby Klaire and know that she is good to go. I don't feel prepared just ready to have her join our family!

Thanks in advance! I will let you know more tomorrow, unless I am in labor!
***By the way, Jared is headed to take Karoline back to the doctor today at 11:15 am. She just cannot shake her chest congestion and cough, so lift that up too!