In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kinder Greetings

Merry Christmas from my class to you!

These are our reindeer prints for Mom and Dad. Thanks Melissa!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 3rd Wedding Day!


Three years ago at 2pm, I walked down the aisle in a purple santuary into your arms and began a journey. We had no idea about the things that were to come over the next few years but we stood together, prayed together and believed together that God is able. Through Karoline, Klaire, grad school, buying a house, full time jobs, cars, bills, Colorado, laughs,cries and so much have been mine then and now.

I love you.


8 things

My sweet friend Cassi tagged me so here goes:

1. Backyardigans
2. House
3. 24
5. CSI
6. Law and Order
7. Criminal Minds
8. Biggest Loser

1. Woke up too late to wash the hair for school.
2. Had my Kinders finish their Christmas ornaments.
3. Ate some divine chocolate peanut butter balls.
4. Send all of my kids home on green.
5. Received a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of lilies for my anniversary today.
6. Defined "book exchange" to my class.
7. Created lesson plans for "winter" and "snow bears".
8. Finished all of my GT scores.

1. Staying home with my girls!
2. Seeing Aunt Cindy's family for Christmas.
3. Baby Barnard to be born in April!
4. Youth Camp over Spring Break.
5. The Staff Ladies' Christmas Dinner!
6. Getting my pew cut in half, stained and recovered.
7. Going to the Gaylord this weekend with J for a getaway!
8. Watching the girls' continue to play together!

1. trees with leaves that didn't fall on my porch.
2. a clean car.
3. a free housekeeper.
4. an allergy-less family.
5. live closer to extended family.
6. a ballet class
7. a green thumb
8. more time to create, sew, paint.

1. Melissa H.
2. Magen
3. Amber
4. Angela
5. Lauren
6. Bethany
7. Star
8. Melissa M.

Christmas Tour of Homes 2008

***This post is late due to sick children, a spilled DP and a lost camera cord.***
Klaire's new ornament...
Karoline's new ornament...
The new Santa from Mema...
Our tree topper made by Karoline last year...
Our first ornament together...
"Karoline last year at school" ornament....
The tree...
My navitity scene...

Hopefully, I can snap a shot of the cute stockings soon too! Thanks for looking!
Enjoy some peanut butter balls as you go!

Monday, December 15, 2008

BooMama Christmas Tour 2008


These will be up tonight!!


Last night, Karoline and I went to FBC Denton to attend the Selah concert. Specatular. Just specatular. Their voices rang out with such purity. Let's just say that I was beside myself with my jaw open all night. I even sat up on my knees like a small child just so I could see better.

I started reading a blog back in January or so by Angie and my heart was sewn to hers. Karoline and I started praying everyday for Angie, Todd, Abby, Kate, Ellie and baby Audrey. On the car ride to Denton, we listened to some Selah and I was telling Karoline about who we were going to go see. She really didn't seem too interested but humored me with her nod and smile.

When we arrived at the concert and made our way into the very back row. That's just where you sit with small kids. The pastor announced the group and everyone clapped. Karoline very quickly stood up on her tippy toes and yelled,"Hi Todd!" and waved. Luckily there was lots of other noise so she just blended in. So cute. Karoline procceeded to look at me and ask about each member of the Smith family by name. So sweet. After I answered her questions about their whereabouts, she kindly looked at me and said, "We pray." Priceless.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sisterly Love

This never ends well...

The Disappearing Marshmellow


Ode to Chuck

Holly is red, Wreaths are green,
You are the greatest that we have seen!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let's just play catch up...

-Thanksgiving was great. 4 days in Texarkana, 2 days in Denton, 2 days in Irving.
-Klaire is rolling EVERYWHERE and eating more than just formula!
-The laundry is still in the living room from...well I don't remember when but at least clean. Right?
-I have faithful friends.
-Jared is still as handsome and funny as ever.
-The Christmas tree is up and ACTIVE!
-13 days until I get out for the break...
-Almost all of the shopping is done.
-Jesus is closing doors BUT opening the windows.
-And...we paid all the bills on time!

-Karoline has knitted "no sir" on a blanket for the living room :)
-Quality not quantity
-Patience for all ages.
-To be good stewards during this season...
-humble pie does not taste good.

Hopefully, pictures will come soon! Happy Tuesday to you and yours!