In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Pump

It feels like Christmas time around our house for me! Yesterday, I went and purchased my very own breast pump! No renting this time...we took the plunge! I spent a good portion of the night reading all the manuals and trying out my new friend. It's awesome! Anything beats the hand pump. Any advice for pumping? I don't really want to pump for storage just to keep my supply healthy and full. Although, I have to say it is defiantly no comparison to spending that time with sweet Klaire. My goal through it all is to build up my supply so that when school gets out in June, we can drop all formula and straight nurse. When Klaire was three weeks old and about to get her tongue clipped, the doctor had us start supplementing with formula to boost her weight and now she is really liking the easy bottle feed and doesn't like to have to work for it with me. So....we are tirelessly doing all...nursing, pumping, mixing and again, and get the picture! 

Jared is making me leave his office now so he can work more...He was sweet to let me out of the house to blog for a bit!

Here's to...
Janelle- Happy Assistant Day to you! Thank you for making Jared's life so much easier! He is blessed to have a sweet spirited, humble helper in you!

Amanda-I am thrilled to see you this weekend! Enjoy the drive down!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drama for mama...

Ok, so last night all was well. I got the girls in bath and bed on time. Jared and I enjoyed some Criminal Minds after church and then went to bed as well to finish watching Lord of the Rings. About an hour later, I hear Karoline make some noises in her room and then she falls back asleep. During this awakening Klaire wakes up fussing because of her snotty nose. As we cuddle her, I send Jared into Karoline's room to bring the humidifier into our room for Klaire. He comes back and says,"Guess what?". I say,"what?" He says,"Karoline has thrown up everywhere!" I think,"Oh geez!" So, he brings Karoline into our bed so I can clean her up while he changes her sheets. Karoline immediately opens her eyes and looks over at Klaire and says,"Hi baby!" By the way, Karoline only calls Klaire by the name of "baby". I think she thinks it's her name? Anyways. Over the next four hours, Karoline throws up on three sets of sheets for our bed, two sets for her bed and clothes for three rounds on Jared, me and her. It was needless to say...a long night of parenting. Weird...she was never crying, hurting, upset or cranky. She was happy and laughing the whole time. Who knows? Sweet Klaire is awake this whole time, quietly rocking in the swing. Finally at 4am, all of us went to sleep. Klaire in the swing, Karoline on the last clean sheet in the house (in her bed), and us sleeping on towels and blankets off the couch.

We woke up at 8:30 to Karoline singing her morning songs, Klaire coughing and Lily (the dog) barking. I called the doctor about Klaire's cough (that she has had for the last 3 visits they saw her in) and they instructed me to bring her in right away because of her age. Jared and I got the girls ready and packed in the car. Here's the good part...I took them by myself to the doctor. Can I just say that I was scared to death? Jared wanted to go with us but I knew he needed to get some work done too and I just needed to suck it up and not be a baby! So we went! With Klaire in the car seat and Karoline on her "monkey leash". I must say, the "monkey leash" is great! It gives her the freedom to walk without holding my hand but still gives me the control. This is a must when walking through a parking lot with two babies. Klaire was diagnosed with still just a cold, which is better than all the other "cough" problems like RSV or pneumonia. She does have an ear infection though. They gave her a shot in the thigh that looks now like a golf ball. Poor Klaire! She took it like a champ and Karoline was such the angel the entire time! I was so proud of her! We have to take Klaire back tomorrow for a recheck for her ear. If there is no change, they will give her another shot of the medicine. I must say that I am very proud of myself!

I have felt so good since Klaire was born! No pain, no soreness, no lingering throbs! Nothing! But today it changed. I put Karoline in the high chair after her nap for a snack and Klaire was in the pac N play napping. I sat on the couch to finish folding the laundry when it hit me. I don't know what hit me but I doubled over on the floor screaming in pain. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach. I couldn't move and was scared to death. I was trying to get up because I could tell it was upsetting Karoline but just couldn't. I got my phone and called Jared. I didn't even tell him I was hurt, I just yelled for him to get home quick and hung up. It felt like a kidney stone (my arch enemy!). He arrived and helped me to a boiling bath. This usually helps the pain while we decided what to do. The pain finally subsided with mucho Motrin and lots of water. Now, the pain is completely gone! I don't know what happened but I do know that it scared the tar out of me! After seeing "Steel Magnolias" where Julia Roberts passes out with her little baby running around until dad comes home and finds her has always been a fear of mine. All is ok now, I am just hoping that it doesn't come back!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family Play date

Jared and I took the ladies to the church playground this weekend to get some air and some good time in with Karoline. She adored the swings and would squeal every time Jared pushed her. She ran all over the slide like it was nothing. I don't quite know when she grew up! On the way home, Klaire and I decided to join Karoline in the's just say Jared got a good workout dragging us ALL home in the wagon! 
Here's sweet Klaire!
The three of us playing patty cake.
Oh yes, the green shoes!

Nap time and then off to school...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The ants go marching...

For the last six months, we have been experiencing some major ant problems in our house. Oh geez, the bug guy has come to our house at least twice a month to spray. I don't know what he is spraying with but as of this morning I think it's sugar water. There were 11 ants that I counted floating in my bath water! Those are just the ones I counted! What do we do? I am just ready to leave my ants behind and march onward to cleaner, ant free, rat free, and allergy free territory.

On another note, Happy Birthday Janelle!!!