In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Karoline's Birthday

Karoline requested a Little Mermaid Party with painting. So...we did! The kids had a great time painting ocean scenes with Robin then enjoying blue cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Karoline Jewel!!

Snow Day

We had a great time when all the snow hit Dallas! Although the power was out for a few days, we stayed warm with friends and then headed to the grandparents!

YMCA Soccer

Karoline is now playing soccer for the YMCA every Saturday! It's been so fun to watch her be on the field and enjoy the game! Jared was excited because K is wearing his number. :) Did I mention that J got roped into being the coach too? It has also been a great way for us to get to know people in the community. Sweet Klaire doesn't quite understand why she can't play. We let her be an honorary team member though. Karoline cried most of the first game but has slowly progressed to at least staying on the field alone without crying. She is pretty cute out there!! It's neat to see her shine when we talk about it! Go Green Tigers!

Klaire's Birthday

I had originally planned Klaire's 2nd bday to be in the backyard. The rain squashed that idea though. We ended up tweeking a few things and brought the fun inside. Happy Birthday Klaire Grace!!!