In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A good wife

Just as a good wife should, I took on the task last night of really cleaning. You know, not just the little picking up but the mopping, scrubbing, really loving all the hardwood with cleaner. Well, I decided since our bedroom sheets are white (mistake #1) and not really looking so pure, I would bleach them! Smart move right? I was already do a load in the washer so I put them in the bath with some bleach, turned on the water and walked off. Of course, I would remember to come back and turn off the water, right?? WRONG!!!! About 30 minutes later, I hear Jared screaming from the other end of the house,"Krystal, Krystal, Are you alive???". I quickly answered "yeah?" over the roar of the sink water, grumbling dishwasher and swishing washing machine. I walked calmly back to the hall only to discover the entire back portion of my house was covered with at least 2 inches or so of bleach water. Ya know, if it was just water that would be OK, but it wasn't. It was BLEACH WATER!!! Oh Jeez! It covered the floor of our guest room AKA the storage room for everything on the floor! I was so mad at myself for being so retarded and Jared just laughed until he fell over! This is exactly why "they" have trained professionals to clean! I really should just stay out of the cleaning portion of motherhood for now until my pregnant brain returns to's to being a good wife!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is the TWO YEAR anniversary for Jared and I!!! Just wanted a little bit of celebration! I got some quite beautiful roses today in my room!!! What a sweet husband! I think we are going to have some dinner (thanks to michelle, brent, logan and mae for watching K) at Fireside Pies...yummy!

Things I love about Jared:
1. His ability to scratch my back while sleeping.
2. The fact that he CAN sing like David Phelps without effort.
3. The way he chases Karoline on the floor in their jammies.
4. The way he puts together my lunch for school with an extra starcrunch and a sweet note.
5. I could go on and on...but ya know....I'll just go tell him the rest!!!

I love you Hoosband!

Blessings do come to those who's TRUE!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Last night was the Christmas Skating Extravaganza for the Middle Schoolers! It was so fun! We skated, laughed, played and ate junk for a good two hours! I got really tickled at my sweet husband racing around the arena chasing these kids and desperately trying to beat them! He (sadly) lost to another kid and was pouring down sweat after the race. The kid acted as if it was no big deal to fly at the speed of light and stop on a dime. I guess our bodies just aren't what they used to be!

I am learning that one the greatest gifts the Lord can give us is the chance to see the fruit of our labor. So many times, we work, we minister, we pour out...only to say goodbye before the fruit is ripe. I realized last night as I chatted with some 8th grade girls that we have been ministering to for the last 3 years that they got it. They are ripe! They know who the Lord is...the evidence and fruit in their lives is blossoming without a glimpse of frost. I am so grateful to know that they were listening. All those moments when you think to yourself,"Why in the world am I here, they don't get anything I am saying!" I am just in awe of our faithful Father! He is so gracious to let me see "my girls" love Him on their own.

Our mission for the next who knows how long is for these girls in Middle School to know that they are loved by the King of Kings above all else. If they can grasp this love, I believe that all other knowledge of grace and mercy, peace and faith will come with time, age and experience. The Lord has just really pressed upon me the need for HIS love to be showered upon these young ladies.

I am thrilled about our night class for the Spring time with the girls! We are going to take worship songs that we sing a lot and personalize them. I have been so convicted of singing the words to songs and making our kids sing the words without it meaning something in their hearts. I want to make the connection with them between worship and life. I want them to be integrated that there is no separation! I feel like I am preaching to myself! We hopefully can take lines of the songs that grab their heart and life and turn it into a piece of art that they can put in their room as a reminder of who the Lord is to them!

We love because HE has FIRST LOVED US! Thank you Jesus for middle school girls!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ideas for a Party Place

I need some ideas for a place to hold Karoline's first birthday! Yes, I know! I can't believe my baby is almost a whole year old! I don't really want to have EVERYONE in my house due to the thought of TOO MANY PEOPLE!!! I would like to have her party for EVERYONE out and about and just a small little family party at home.

Please send me some ideas that would be fun for a party...All I have come up with so far is Gymboree Play & Music in Southlake?


Oh yeah, I think we are leaning towards "Klaire Grace"...we may just call her "Klaire Grace" and not just "Klaire"...just thinking out loud :) Any thoughts?